Our commitment

Freshest Frozen Meat

Fast frozen immediately to preserve the highest quality and nutrients 

Your Doorstep Delivery

Skip the travelling and queues, and receive the best meats at your door

Unbroken Cold-Chain

Products are kept frozen through the shipping process to our warehouse

Great Unbeatable Value

Best quality of meat you can get at this price point, guaranteed 

Our category of meats

Shabu Shabu Steamboat


Thinly sliced meats that are perfect for your gathering with hotpot and steamboat.

Shabu-Shabu meat section

Pork Ribs


Different selections for all the dishes to satisfy cooking for yourself and your loved ones.

Pork meat section

Fried Chicken Drumsticks


When you just need a simple selection of white meat for that soup or a simple dish.

Chicken meat section


The best house-cooked steak you desire, prepared in the comfort of your own home.

Beef meat section

Seafood on Ice - BG


Easily stored, easily cooked, easily add a variety to your meals with our selection.

Seafood section

How will you receive your meat?

In order to keep our cost low and pass the savings to you, the meat will be packed in plastic bags, as per what it is when you buy from a butcher from the supermarket or the wet market. It is important for you to receive it once it leave our frozen truck to be stored in your freezer.

More questions?

Contact us and let us know.