Meat Maven is an online platform that aims to gather the best meat suppliers and wholesalers in Singapore. We work with businesses who are highly passionate to provide Singapore’s residents with the best source of meats. Within the platform, we have a marketplace of different stores that allows you to easily place your order and have the best meats delivered to you at your doorstep.

Our vision is to provide Singaporeans with the best options available to get the highest quality of meat products, at the best value that can be offered. 

Traditionally, in a retail environment, frozen items arriving in Singapore are first shipped to a wholesale warehouse after custom clearance. Then, it will be transported to a dispatch warehouse before being transported again to the retail outlets. The items will stay in the store within a retail freezer before you buy it and physically bring them home to be stored in your fridge.

That tedious process of transporting frozen items can cause their quality to be tremendously affected by the multiple changes of environment. It is because of this process, good quality products will still end up tasting horrible. That gives a bad reputation to frozen products.

Our mission is to partner with the best businesses in the market. List them in our marketplace after going through a stringent curation process to ensure that they are the best of the best. Then, utilised our strong e-commerce model and logistic capabilities to transport frozen products direct from the wholesale warehouse to your home. That way, we shorten the entire process and save unnecessary cost. 

With that, we pass the savings and you will get to enjoy the freshest frozen food at the best value.

Meat Maven x The Wholesale Club

The Wholesale Club started in 2015, running a membership programme for people to purchase the freshest frozen meat in bulk. It was Singapore’s 1st online-only club for purchasing all kind of products at wholesale prices. We work with them to provide you with the same high-quality products at the best value.

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