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Delivery FAQ

How many days are required to process the order?

The earliest day for you to receive the order is 2 working days later, excluding the day of order. That means you will receive your order on Tuesday when you made your order on Saturday.

What days do you deliver on?

We only deliver from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

What are the time slots available?

We have 2 slots available, morning at 6:30 am to 12:30 pm and afternoon at 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. While we aim to meet your preferred schedule, we seek your understanding that the driver’s schedule can sometimes be disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Do you deliver to overseas?

We currently only deliver within Singapore. 

What is the minimum order?

You need to order a minimum of S$65 in order for us to process it.

How much are the delivery fees?

The delivery fee is S$10 for orders above S$65 and less than S$80. Delivery is free for all orders above S$80.

Why is there a minimum order when there is a delivery fee?

This is to make sure that our processing chain is kept at maximum efficiency in order to lower our cost. We can then pass the cost savings to you and maintain a low selling price.

How are the items packed?

In order to keep cost low and pass the savings to you, the items will be packed in plastic bags, similar to when you buy from a butcher in the supermarket or from the wet market. We deliver the meat in a frozen truck and bring the items to your doorstep.

Do I need to be personally present at my shipping address?

As the products will not be stored in a insulated box, your delivery address need to have someone present to receive the order so you can keep them in the freezer immediately. We are generally alright if you have someone who can received the order for you at the stated address. Let us know 24 hours in advance if you like to reschedule your delivery. A charge of S$30 will be levied for a failed delivery.

If we miss out anything, do let us know.