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General FAQ

Who is Meat Maven?

Meat Maven is an online platform that aims to gather the best meat suppliers and wholesalers in Singapore, who are interested to provide Singapore’s residents with the best source of meats. We build a marketplace that allows you to easily place your order and have the best meats delivered to you at your doorstep.

What is the Wholesale Club?

The Wholesale Club is Singapore’s 1st online-only club for purchasing all kind of products at wholesale prices. They started in 2015, running a membership programme for people to purchase the freshest frozen meat in bulk.

Where do the meats come from?

The products are from various parts of the world such as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. They are AVA tested and approved before being imported into Singapore, directly into the warehouse. From there, they are shipped out to luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, prestigious cafes and to you at home.

Where is the Wholesale Club located?

We are an online-only service that does not currently have a retail outlet for you to make a collection.

Are all the meats cheaper than retail?

The products that we sell are generally better priced than what you buy from retail stores and supermarkets. While we aim to be highly competitive in price, we do not want to compromise on the quality of meats we sell. 

There are instances when physical retail stores are able to offer certain products at a better price during their clearance promotion. We do not do that as we usually do not have items to clear. Our mission is to provide you only with the freshest frozen meats.

Because we sell direct, that means you are buying from us at their promotional prices 365 days a year, for a much better quality of meats.

What is catch weight?

Catch weight is a food industry term that means “approximate weight”. Unprocessed food products, such as our meat that are labelled “whole”, naturally vary in size. The actual weight may be slightly more or less than what is displayed in our website.

If the weight is more, a top-up will be required. If it is less, we can provide you with a coupon code of the excess charged. You can use that in your next order.

Can the meat be custom cut to size or pack according to a certain weight requirement?

In order to keep our cost low, to provide you with the best value, our items are cut and packed as stated. We can custom cut or pack if you have a very large order. You can contact us for more information.

If we miss out anything, do let us know.