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Payment FAQ

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via PayNow and credit card. 

How do I pay with PayNow?

We will provide you with a QR code after you made your order. Alternatively, you can go to our PayNow Payment page to get the QR code. Use your mobile banking app to scan the QR code if you made your order with a desktop or laptop computer. 

If you are using your mobile phone to place your order, you can do a screen capture of that page with the QR code being fully visible. Use your banking app and select the scan option for PayNow. Then, choose the image that you have just captured to do the payment.

Is my online credit card payment secure?

Your payment will be processed by Stripe, the payment processor trusted by millions of companies like Grab, Amazon, Parking.sg, Uber, Unicef and Under Armour. We do not save your credit card number. It is required that you key in your credit card number every time you make an order. You can read about how they handle security for you.

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