Chicken Breast Shabu-Shabu (~3 mm) – 1 kg


These Chicken Breast Meats are sliced into approximately 3 mm thick pieces and come frozen in 1kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Chicken Breast Slices
Weight: About 1 kg per pack
Size: About 3 mm thick each


Chicken breast meat comes boneless and skinless, and is a healthy food choice for your different meals. We have thinly sliced them for you to enjoy with your shabu-shabu or steamboat hotpot. Choose to season with soy sauce, a little sugar and some cornflour for a smooth texture. You can also cook it plain in your soup for full flavour.

It is known for being high in protein and low in fat, which makes it a good choice for people who are going on a diet or bulking.