Pork Belly Shabu-Shabu (~3 mm) – 2 kg


These Pork Belly Meats are sliced into approximately 3 mm thick pieces and come frozen in 2 kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Pork Belly Slices
Weight: About 2 kg per pack
Size: About 3 mm thick each


Pork belly is a must-have when you are eating shabu-shabu or steamboat hotpot. The meat will absorb the natural taste from the soup and leave you with a satisfying feeling. You have to try it to understand it!

It has the right combination of fats and meat, and is thinly sliced so it will melt in your mouth when cooked right. If you like thicker cuts, we have Pork Belly Strips in 2 cm thickness.

Alternatively, you can also get the pork belly in cubes or whole pieces.