Pork Belly Whole – ~4 kg


These Pork Belly come frozen whole with skin.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Whole Pork Belly with Skin
Weight: Base on catch weight of about 4 kg per pack

As each piece is naturally vary in size, we will advise on the actual weight after your order. If the weight is more, a top-up will be required. If it is less, we can provide you with a coupon code of the excess charged. You can use that in your next order.


The pork belly is a well-known part of the pig that comes from its underside. It is famous in the west for making bacon, and here in Singapore, we have our beloved roast pork, usually made from the whole pork belly. Because of the skin and fats, this cut can be roasted with a crispy top, while maintaining its juiciness and comes with a great flavour.

You can get this full piece of meat that is perfect for grilling and roasting.

Alternatively, you can also get the pork belly in cubes, 2 cm strips or very thinly sliced for shabu-shabu.