Pork Soft Bone Cut A (~2.5 cm) – 1 kg


These Pork Soft Bone are cut into approximately 2.5 cm long pieces and come frozen in 1 kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Pork Soft Bone without hard bones
Weight: About 1 kg per pack
Size: About 2.5 cm long each piece


The pork soft bone comes with only soft white bones and slight fat marbling on its meat. You can eat the bones together with the meat when they are cooked for a very long time. It is rich in calcium and collagen, that can be beneficial in aiding our body’s formation of collagen.

We have cut them into about 2.5 cm long so you can easily use them for dishes that are braised, roasted or in making broths and soups. Alternatively, you can try our pork spare ribs, which is available as a whole piece too.