Pork Spare Ribs Cut (~10 cm) – 1 kg


These Pork Spare Ribs are cut into approximately 10 cm long pieces and come frozen in 1 kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Pork Spare Ribs
Weight: About 1 kg per pack
Size: About 10 cm long each piece


Pork Spare Ribs are one of the most popular cuts of pork in both Western and Asian cuisines. It comes from the ribcage of a pig and we have cut them into single pieces with meat surrounding a centre bone. They are great for barbecue, roast, slow-cooked and braise. It is also a great addition to making a broth or to add a sweet flavour to soups.

We have cut them into about 10 cm long so you can easily use them for dishes that are braised, roasted or in making broths and soups. You can also get it as a whole piece if that’s your preference.

Alternatively, you can get our pork soft bone if you like to make soup or braised pork.