Ribeye Beef Prime Cut (~2 cm) – 4 kg


These Ribeye Beef are cut into approximately 2 cm thick and come frozen in about 4 kg per pack.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Cut Ribeye Beef
Weight: About 4 kg per pack
Size: About 2 cm thick each piece

As each piece is naturally varied in size, we will advise on the actual weight of the item after your order. If the weight is more, a top-up will be required. If it is less, we can provide you with a coupon code for the excess charged, which you can use for your next order.


Ribeye, also known as Scotch fillet and it comes from the rib section, the centre best portion of the rib steak, without the bone. The meat is both flavorful and tender. For those who find the steak cuts too thick, this is about half the thickness.

Season it with a bit of salt and pan-sear it for the best house-cooked steak you can get.