Pork Belly Strips (~2 cm) – 1 kg


These Pork Belly Strips are sliced into approximately 2 cm thick and come frozen in 1 kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Sliced Pork Belly Strips
Weight: About 2 kg per pack
Size: About 2 cm thick each piece


The pork belly is a well-known part of the pig that comes from its underside. It is famous in the west for making bacon, and here in Singapore, we have our beloved roast pork. Because of the skin and fats, it can be crispy and juicy at the same time, while maintaining the full flavour.

We have sliced each piece into about 2 cm thick so you can easily prepare it for cooking, or to make your own bacon! You can also get the pork belly as a whole piece if that’s your preference.

Alternatively, you can also get the pork belly in cubes or very thinly sliced for shabu-shabu.