Pork Chop with Bone (~4 cm) – 2 kg


These Pork Chops come frozen whole and have rib bone attached.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Pork Chop with Bone
Weight: About 2 kg per pack
Size: About 4 cm thick each piece


The pork chops are from the rib section of the loin and the bones attached are actually the ribs. Like the pork loin, it usually comes with a thick cap of fat. When cooked, these meats are very tender and flavourful because of the mixture of lean meat and fats.

They are one of the best meats for grilling, barbeque and sear-roasting. Try to brine them to keep them moist and tender while they are cooked.

We have sliced them into 4 cm thick each so they can be quickly prepared and cooked to be enjoyed